Giving back to your community does not necessarily have to be a personal act. Rather, promoting charitable giving, philanthropy, and volunteerism in the workplace is beneficial not only for the community, but for your entire business as well.

Here are several ways charitable giving can have a positive impact on your community and your small business:

It is excellent publicity.

Sponsoring or partnering with a local charity for one or more events will likely boost both parties’ public visibility, especially if the non-profit organization is more widely known than your business or vice versa. Either way, such a partnership would ideally result in improved awareness and support of both organizations.

It can aid in networking.

By becoming more actively involved in your community and volunteering at certain events, you will likely come across people you normally would not have met otherwise. Through meeting new people with whom you probably share similar values and interests, you will be able to build new and better business leads, all without spending the additional funds on marketing campaigns.

It can boost your team’s morale.

Working together toward a mutual goal outside of the workplace can really strengthen your team’s bonds, which will benefit your team inside and outside of the office. After all, cohesion outside of the workplace will only increase cohesion within the workplace, which can boost efficiency and cooperation during large business projects.

It can help your employees shine.

It is highly unlikely that every one of your employees is able to show off their myriad of talents in the office. By watching them work outside of their usual environments, you may find out an interesting fact or two about your employees – such as who is proficient with event planning, who works better being more hands-on, or who can successfully lead a small team of people. This could also aid you in choosing an employee for a raise, a promotion, and so on.

It can generate positivity around your brand.

By proving your company to be socially and/or environmentally conscious, you will likely earn the support and respect of many patrons, even those you may not have expected to receive support from.

Not only will this increase others’ emotional investment in your brand, but it will also gain you additional revenue, as customers are approximately 85 percent more likely to become loyal to brands that are associated with a meaningful charity.

As you can see, there are great business benefits to giving to and volunteering for local charities. However, it is important that you do not become involved with your community for the sole purpose of gaining business. Ensure your heart is truly in your efforts. Otherwise, your customers might see right through your endeavors. By truly working to better your business by getting involved within your community, you are making a positive and meaningful impact on those in need, and that is what is most important.