All businesses use financial tools for a multitude of reasons. Tracking your budget, payroll, and cash flow are just to name a few. Online tools have made financial planning much easier and more efficient. It’s time to step away from the traditional excel tracking sheet and look for more efficient tools to track your finances.


Inventory management is a great way to keep your purchases and spending in check. Products like InFlow can guide you through a simple way to create invoices, sales purchases, and order forms. Inventory management tools keep track of everything you have shipped and received from your business. Information is easily accessible and can be brought up on any computer or smartphone. Some inventory management applications come built in with other tools to have an all in one system for your business.


FLOAT is a planning and scheduling tool that enables you to have a birds-eye view of what employee is working on what project and when. With FLOAT you can assign people to different tasks and get a detailed report about how many hours were spent on a specific project. Managing your team is easier with an integrated system that can sync up with any device. See how many hours your employees worked and sent out weekly schedules via email or text message with FLOAT. Along with many other financial tools FLOAT comes along with other tools to have a one-stop shop for managing your business.


Expensify makes the expense management process a breeze. Expensify can upload any receipt to their software and add the expense to your business. Refundable transactions are easily processed and refunded in up to 24 hours of processing. Expensify will even give you alerts on receipts that need thorough review and approval from a manager. With Expensify you can save time, money, and paper by keeping your finances digital.


Kapta is an account managing software that integrates every tool you need to successfully manage a large team. Kapta gives you access to hear back from you customers and develop a plan to better your “account health.” Kapta will give you a score of your overall account health and suggest methods to improve upon them. You can manage your team, communicate with groups of people and receive vital feedback from customers.

Some professionals enjoy the luxury of having an all-in-one software where others like the separate strengths of many. Whatever your preference is, online financial tools will help your business in many different ways.